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impossiblethngs's Journal

A [live]Journal of Impossible Things
6 February 1971
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  • impossiblethngs@livejournal.com
This LJ is FICTION! The owner of this account plans on using it as a creative outlet for "fanon." The owner of this account will post in First Person (usually) as The Doctor. This journal is meant as a creative exercise for creative writing as well as an exercise for character development as an actor. The owner of this account is not related in anyway, shape or form to anyone at, with or from the BBC. The owner is not a professional actor, and the owner is not even British at all. ((I'm a Damn Yankee!))

The cast of regulars will be the 10 known regenerations/incarnations of The Doctor. I have created icons for each of these personae and will use them to denote which Doctor is telling the story at any given point. I'll not take on the role of the Valeyard in any posting though (since he was/is an unknown regeneration.)

Any post with the Wolf icon/user pic/avatar is OOC ((Out of Character)) and probably non-fiction. I will use this icon to post Macros, [non-]Motivationals, periodic "this is a fictional journal" notices, etc.
I will otherwise use an icon with the likeness of the incarnation/regeneration of the Doctor that would have written the words.

Additional Legal Disclaimers:
Doctor Who and that whole "Whoniverse" belongs to the BBC et al. NOT ME. I do not claim ownership of any of the characters, locations, items (etc) that have been created by the writers on this series (New or Classic.)
I just intend for this to be 1) Fun (for the readers, including myself). 2) Educational (for me).

Any idea/story/character/item/location that happens to be original that I create during this process is mine though. ((But I would gladly sign over all rights to the BBC (et al) if asked nicely and given some form of recognition/credit...))